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Amber Dust
"May These Images Die With Dignity" ©2010


Amber Dust
"The Moon Under Glass"
Original Film Score ©2010 Download ZIP File (53 mb)
1. Our Surroundings (An Introduction)
2. Everything in Alignment
3. Homerun!
4. Am I Missing Something?
5. Congratulations, You're a Winner!
6. Green Thumb
7. Overunderpass
8. A Companion
9. All the pieces, Now in Place
10. Follow Me
11. What Sets Us Apart
12. Civil Unrest
13. Just Playing Games
14. Pull the Thread
15. Implode, Reconstruct
16. A Companion (Revisited)
17. Omnipotent Waltz
18. Trojan Horse
19. Needed, All Along
20. To Control and Be Controlled (End Credits)

Amber Dust
"Good Things/Bad Timing" ©2008
Download ZIP File (28 mb)

1. Cedar Waltz
2. The Boat
3. Struck
4. Prize
5. The Fragile and the Frail
6. If I Was Younger
7. An Unfamiliar House

Amber Dust
"Without Windows" ©2006
Download ZIP File (53 mb)

1. Sunset Comes
2. Timepieace
3. From The Balcony
4. Confirmation Pt.1
5. Steady as a Leaf
6. Believing You
7. New Beginning
8. Confirmation Pt.2
9. Tear It Down
10. Unspoken
11. Anything More
12. Realize
13. In Autumn
Our first three releases are free to download. Everything is packaged into one single .Zip file for simpler downloading. Just download and unzip! You will find we've included a mini-website that contains all of the music, lyrics, liner notes, and artwork for each album.

At the request of some fans, we've added a donate button in case you wish to help support the band financially. The music is still free in all ways! If you decide to donate, make sure to hit "Return to donations coordinator" after the transaction is complete.
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