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Amber Dust was formed in 2005 when Jesse Nickerson (vocals/guitar), Shayne Greene (bass/banjo), and Mike Harvey (keyboards/synthesizers) joined together in a small home recording space in southern New Hampshire. Once a general direction was established, recording for an eventual album began. After several months of recording, the resulting songs were collected, some discarded, and in November of 2006, Amber Dust's first album, titled "Without Windows" was released. The album was entirely self-recorded and self-released, and mastered by Jim Bob Aiken. The finished digital album of 13 tracks, plus the included artwork, was bundled and released on the Amber Dust website, free of charge.

After the release of "Without Windows", a relocation rendered Mike Harvey unable to be a part of Amber Dust. The the remaining members decided to continue the project, with Jesse taking on the additional role of keyboards and synthesizers. In 2007, recording began for what would eventually become two releases. Halfway through the sessions, it became apparent that several songs were leaning toward the alt-country variety, and it was decided that these particular songs would be released on their own as a 7 song EP. Pedal Steel guitar was contributed via internet file-swapping by Minnesota multi-instrumentalist A.J. Piga. In April of 2008, "Good Things/Bad Timing" was released. Just as the previous album, it was self-recorded and produced, mastered by Jim Bob Aiken, and released as a bundle/zip on the Amber Dust website.

After the release of the 7-song EP, recording continued for an eventual full-length LP. During this process, an opportunity arose for the band to create an original film score for the independent film "The Moon Under Glass", directed and produced by good friend Jeremy Collins. Amber Dust put recording for the future LP on hold, and with the help of longtime friend/keyboardist Mike Palmer for this particular task, the band produced the original film score, later bundled as a digital download in February of 2009.

Upon completion of the film score, work continued on the full length LP that would eventually become "May These Images Die with Dignity". In all, 14 songs were finalized for the release, which is the result of several years of recording altogether. The full length album exudes a darker and more serious tone, and was released on September 28th, 2010.

After a long layoff, work began on another Amber Dust album in 2018, though at this point, it essentially existed as the solo project of Jesse Nickerson. During the process of converting old cassette tapes to mp3 format, the concept of an album began to emerge. The result, entitled "Nothing Is Lost" is a coming-of-age concept album, which includes various audio samples of friends, family, and Jesse himself. Mixing and mastering was completed by Jim Bob Aiken, and the finished album was released on March 26th, 2021, on all platforms.

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